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Dream Team Media Productions is an award winning production company in Dallas. We have now won over 100 awards internationally and our films have been shown around the world including Switzerland, Italy, and even Indonesia where we won several humanitarian awards. Not only have we succeeded in films but we've also helped companies grow their brand and awareness by producing top quality informercials, sales videos, and in-depth training videos. We utilize the latest sound, lighting, and camera equipment. We also record voiceovers at our studio for television commercials and videos. We have extensive knowledge and experience in producing videos for the medical industry and automotive industry. Contact us today. 


News network and TV show production

Your own company television studio

At Dream Team Media Productions, we own our very own television studio. If your company would like to have an on-line show or television show then we can help. Our productions are filmed on green screen as well which allows us to add backgrounds such as this news network production. Our productions will allow your company to feel as if you have your own tv studio that is professional and affordable. You can use the studio to share news coverage even when television stations do not give you the time of day. We have launched America's Online News Network where we will provide important news events. If you feel that your company is about to launch a new product or if your company would like their own news and information program for employees, then Dream Team Media is your answer. This type of news format is excellent to give your company a great corporate image and keep your employees and clients informed of what is happening in the marketplace.

At Dream Team Media you can own your very own on-line news network which includes:

  • Professional network studio in Dallas
  • News anchor if needed
  • Camera and microphones
  • Professional lighting
  • Professional website and mobile site for viewing on any device. This way, subscribers will not miss any news updates.

You will be sure to impress your clients with your news network. Contact us today for more details.




Mobile Marketing Technology

Our mobile media platform is designed to help you reach more customers by leveraging the increasing mobile usage and search. As smart phone traffic is growing, mobile video (in combination with a mobile-optimized website and the right campaign) is a powerful medium to reach your audience. We offer the latest technology in responsive sites and our mobile developers lead the way. We set up mobile technology for small businesses at an affordable rate that is easy to use. Easy login for your business allows you to view your traffic and leads, set up paypal, mobile coupons, or link up your social media sites. We are able to set up Google maps and Google business to your new mobile marketing system.


About Dream Team Media Productions

Dream Team Media Productions offers some very unique and exciting services such as our very own video production studio with green screen. We provide award winning  production services for small busineses that include: television commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, training videos, and the option to own your own on-line news network. We also own our own cameras and equipment so if you just need an interview, we can do it and if you'd like right at our video production studio in Dallas.

Facilities and equipment: Nothing says success louder than our very own production studio with a giant green screen and audio production studio. With several television cameras, sound, and lighting, we make any production possible. We offer Spanish voiceovers for television commercials and corporate training videos. We currently produce radio programs for the Christian radio market in Spanish and our own music television show on Azteca channel 55 in Dallas, Texas. We produce Spanish radio commercials as well. Contact us to advertise in Hispanic television stations in Dallas.

Technology: In today's world, marketing starts when you deliver your company's message to a customer's location which is right by their communication device or smart phone. With marketing of your product and service where customers are, you can now show what you offer any hour of the day or night on any mobile device. Recent studies by Google found that 70% of searches are via mobile device. At Dream Team we own our own mobile marketing brand "Mouponz" and have experience in working with major brands such as Aveda and other well known brands.We can also help your business be up to speed in the modern mobile high tech world rather affordably. Welcome to the future! 

Some of our photography has been featured on CNN and The Washington Times. Please visit our facebook page for more information. 

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